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Construction LLC

Our Communities are Strong

Imagine our community leaders working hand in hand to responsibly mentor our youth. The first steps to our doctors, lawyers and future engineers are confident, secure individuals destined for success!

I want to train discipline and attention to detail at an early age!

 Training and Employing at Risk Youth

 We don't believe in casting stones, we build with them!

            My true dedication as owner of RUFUS DND LLC is my            effort at changing our society one young person at a 

    time. A past shouldn't decide your future, I want to help

    set goals and give confidence to those who think there

is no place for them! We are trying to build character

  and not just the construction framework of the future!


RUFUS DND LLC provides seniors and disabled persons with free labor! 1 weekend of every month we will select from an appointment or referral a 

         person or persons in need of our service. Requests are serviced in the order that they are received, all that is required is the cost of materials and we are ready to GO!